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Whether or not it wasn’t love to start with sight, it was quite damn near. This is one way James Reeves taped 1st impressions of Olivia Rickman on
8 January 2011, in Weekend mag
: “Strikingly rather. We came early, but she was already here. She appeared great, together with cafe illumination made the world appear to be a
paint.” It was not just just what she appeared as if, though. They mentioned: “Cubism,
, sailing,
, the size of Yorkshire…,” mentioned James during the time. And then he’d barely begun. “…Venice, Harry Potter,
Peggy Guggenheim
, race instruction, Glasgow, siblings, sleeper trains, bleak landscapes, the attentiveness associated with the staff, basking sharks.” Olivia’s account was actually significantly less florid, but similarly glowing. Markings off 10? “I can not think about whatever would get rid of him a point.”

That blind big date taken place in December 2010. Couple of years later on, prior to xmas, Weekend received a message from James: “Olivia and that I are getting hitched.” The guy thanked all of us abundantly, and the following day cycled in with a package of delicious chocolate.

It had been all of our basic Blind Date wedding. After 3 years and 11 several months, and 200-plus dates, we might finally pulled it well

Seven days later we got a call from another pair of Blind Daters:
Stefanie Stewart-Hodges and Graham Lyons
. These were in addition engaged and getting married. This is getting dangerously like a habit. But, yet again, the signs were there from the beginning. “effectively stunning,” mentioned Graham in December 2009. Would Stefanie want to see him once more? “I would really like to, yeah.”

Both lovers say these include gradualists. You don’t need to rush: they will marry for the fullness period. But Weekend isn’t therefore controlled. So we rush all of them into a studio to mock-up the major time. Olivia is evolving into the woman bridal dress by the time I appear, and James is appropriate and booted. When she emerges fully dressed, he investigates her adoringly. He doesn’t rather apparently believe his luck.

Its four decades since Weekend began the Blind Date line. Anna Chesters, who creates the experiences, claims she looks for three things: get older, place and typical passions. If a couple perform the same task, she rules all of them completely – an excessive amount of a busman’s holiday. In the early times, men and women regularly outline images. Today she asks them not to, although extremely sometimes Blind Daters have complained that their own lovers do not match all of them for the appearance office. Females candidates surpass males by 20 to just one. “they are generally much more ready to have a great time,” Anna states, “and a lot more self-confident about this. The men are stressed.”

The times do not always get well. First thoughts have ranged from
“also damned tall”
“25 moments later and don’t truly apologise”
and, many uncompromisingly,
“That Isn’t Anne Hathaway”
. Any uncomfortable times?
“the guy got my personal photo and uploaded it on Instagram.”
“I would use up all your items to say, so we walked to the tube alone.”
“He requested if I had a corset within 15 minutes… We failed to understand what to say as he proposed we ‘call a spade a spade and leave it at today’.”

There’s something sorely personal about Blind Date: the end result is, it might be me personally – or perhaps you. When daters dislike both, we wince. When they are wonderful about both however offer reasonable markings, we think cheated. If they are vile about one another but give large marks, we believe puzzled. Whenever they complain about their associates getting too short or as well large, or state they desire they’d already been caught in site visitors, or a woman moans that man don’t pay money for her taxi home, audience email to rail against heightism, bitchiness and sexism. Occasionally daters get one other means: they may be too courteous, they say yes to provide one another equivalent ratings and consult on opinions. And, on unusual events, they adore one another.

Any blind time is scary, but throw-in a look in a national newsprint, a warts’n’all photoshoot, several humiliating questions (table ways, uncomfortable times, do you hug?) and a scorecard, therefore ponder the reason why anyone would do it. What exactly is with it on their behalf besides a free meal? And what is the chance for discovering true-love on a date set-up by a stranger? In fact, we could answer the very last question – if marriage will be the best measure, we have a 1per cent success rate (two involvements from 200-odd activities).

The funny thing, Olivia says, is she was not really selecting a relationship. She joined to Blind Date for a laugh and, hopefully, a nice balancing. She’d relocated from Scotland to London a few years before to the office in PR, together with maybe not got a boyfriend since a long-lasting relationship at college. “London is a challenging spot… you’ll find very nearly too many people. Youthful professionals are active trying to get work sorted, some funds with each other, get by themselves settled.” She was just 29, but she’d given up on really love. “I thought, ‘It does not matter, I’m delighted; other stuff in daily life are going very well.'”

Olivia wears cotton dress, £1,815, VWDC by
. Photograph: Jay Brooks

“that will be very nearly a realisation you need to visited if you are likely to be peaceful and pleased when you are into times, without anxious and gibbering,” James includes. That being said, he gibbered for all he was worth as he very first watched their. “i recall swearing under my personal breath, ‘



Performed she clock their reaction? “No,” Olivia says. “generally not very. He was very calm and collected. Extremely sleek. I just thought the guy looked actually friendly.”

James, who had been 30 at the time, had just purchased 1st house, was acquiring in with his career as a chartered surveyor, and discovering Ms Right merely was not important. “I have been single approximately a year. But I found myself hectic performing up my house and it also was actually an extended drive. It really is a silly justification, but I had been hectic.”

They spoke and talked. They did not kiss. 24 hours later James texted to say he would had a wonderful time, and suggested they meet once again. “A tip to any or all young men,” Olivia says. “Do just what James performed: follow through eventually following day, claiming nice things. He stated I happened to be radiant organization. That has been great.”

There was no hug regarding the next go out, either: “It didn’t seem appropriate, and that I’m most likely a wimp,” James states. But throughout the next, “Olivia moved set for the hug. Let me state it had been because I’m too gentlemanly to make me upon the lady, but it may additionally just be that she had been a bit bolder.”

Now these were several? Ah, no, that has been date four, he states, as he reciprocated. It absolutely was snowing: “instantly there was very nearly a foot of snowfall in Battersea. It had been a nightmare to have here, nonetheless it was actually just beautiful is on a date together with your new lady as well as for here to be this blanket of snow. We strolled to a Gypsy jazz bar and ultimately I plucked within the nerve and stated, ‘It appears quite slidy and icy down there, we would not allow. Very, if do not, i will kiss you now.'”

There’s something very enchanting about James and Olivia. You might imagine James laying their coating over a puddle for Olivia and creating sonnets on her by night. Olivia sent her Blind Date request in nine several months before the guy did, in which he claims really astounding exactly how Anna waited all that for you personally to match her with him. (the truth is a lot more prosaic – there are so many a lot more ladies than guys queueing right up for times.) At one point, he covers exactly how he really likes enjoying Olivia from across a room at an event, watching just how difficult she operates which will make others feel good about themselves.

As one or two, Stef and Graham would never be much more various. They spend a lot of their time chuckling at each and every different, taking the piss. Both are dry, and extremely funny. Like James, Graham looks as if he is won the lotto, and like Olivia, Stef looks responsible. She claims she actually is the one that organises every thing and he stocks the bags.

Stef, today 27, a music instructor from London, and Graham, now 30, a web site developer from Bury, met at a hamburger club. Once Stef had gotten indeed there, Graham was already regarding the gin and tonic. He had been frightened, he states. He’d maybe not informed anyone which he ended up being going on a blind time. In his diary, he simply composed, “Out.”

“It was just after, with regards to had opted well, that we confessed to people the thing I’d already been doing.”

“i really could have already been truly strange,” Stef claims.

Graham: “She could have been.”

Stef: “But I am not, though.”

‘Effortlessly breathtaking’ was Graham’s information of Stef after their unique Blind Date. Photo: Jay Brooks for any Protector

That which was his best concern? “Having a crap time and learning you’re rubbish in a national newsprint. In case you are rubbish on a regular blind date, you never ordinarily see.”

“But here the individual could point out that women’s actually strange, then its in a nationwide paper,” Stef includes. “I didn’t consider this until I check the previous few days’s Blind Date, and so they actually did not like one another and quickly I’m, ‘Oh my personal God, I’m undertaking that in a few days. This may not be because funny as I thought it might.'”

What were her first impressions of him? “he isn’t my personal type. I really don’t typically opt for fair tresses. The guy appeared extremely friendly and had a nice smile.”

What exactly is the woman normal sort? “Dark locks. Unfriendly!” She giggles. “Definitely darker. Tough. Handsome. Hahaha! I am only joking!”

“She knows exactly how good looking i’m.” Graham smiles. You look quite like Jamie Oliver, we state.

“similar to Wallace from
Wallace & Gromit
,” Stef states. “As I started to enjoy him ended up being once I surely got to understand him, beyond the national press-organised big date.”

After their unique hamburgers, they moved having, played share and danced till 2am. Ended up being there any physical contact? “we banged my directly the pool table,” Graham claims. “I found myself bending as a result of access an errant ball and Stef placed her hand back at my mind.”

“I don’t just remember that ,…” Stef claims.

“… to relieve myself.”

“In my opinion you are generating that up.”

“No,” Graham insists, “I clearly recall you’d very cold arms, it had been like an ice package. Brilliant. Generally there was some bodily get in touch with.”

“therefore kissed about lips,” Stef adds. “the guy went in for one. I reciprocated somewhat. It absolutely was a nice kiss.”

Did she believe that ended up being her sorted for lifetime?

“Nope. I was thinking he was a really nice man. He did generate me personally chuckle, he had been very nice, really type, and helpful in the kitchen – as they say in Bridget Jones. Merely small things he’d carry out; he helped myself create 120 chocolate truffles one day.”

“and I also scarcely ate them,” Graham says. “anyone you never know myself can ascertain exactly how restrained which was.”

These are typically having hair cut alongside, ahead of the shoot, talking to both through mirrors. I ask them just what their own previous is actually – did they usually have effective interactions beforehand? Stef laughs. “Well, demonstrably maybe not



Features either ones been hitched before?

Graham: “No.”

Stef: “i’ve, in fact.” Silence. The seconds tick by. “No, You will findn’t. I’m merely fooling.”

Graham seems somewhat clammy: “you’ve got me personally somewhat stressed subsequently.”

She states she never considered herself while the marrying type; however does not. He looks concerned once more.



take place,” he states. “you concurred.”

Three years after their own first date, Graham proposed to Stef. They certainly were out with Graham’s household over Christmas time, it actually was midnight plus they happened to be beginning their pantyhose. She believed he had been fooling. “He ordered me personally one oven glove and a bottle of whisky,” she claims.

“I would been great deal of thought from inside the weeks prior to Christmas, and I also’d made the decision that I became likely to get it done but had not very determined when or in which,” Graham states. “I didn’t want to prepare it too-much because i decided to finish also anxious. I believed I would just hold back until the minute had been correct, plus it did feel correct next.”

“I found myself during my pyjamas. And I also didn’t come with makeup products on,” Stef claims. “I was somewhat grubby, a little gross.”

“She wasn’t gross at all.”

“we held saying, ‘will you be kidding?’ His family members ‘ve got a gorgeous dog and I mentioned, ‘may be the puppy probably arrive operating in with a camera on his drop by catch the minute when I’m totally humiliated because we said yes however were kidding?'”

Did he imagine she’d say yes? “I was gently self-confident. She actually is merely human beings.”

James’s proposition to Olivia ended up being somewhat more baroque. “I didn’t want to be like everyone. We were probably see a matinee on National Theatre, and I also believed, ‘Then take action indeed there?'” He rang up the theater and requested if there was a private location to recommend. “On a whim, we mentioned, ‘I you should not assume you could get myself on to among the many phases?'” Appear Sunday lunch, Olivia was actually depriving but James insisted on a spontaneous concert tour associated with theatre. He determined that whenever they got to the stage on the
Olivier theatre
, he would suggest. “I got down on my leg, and she quickly stated yes and hugged myself. At some point, when she allow me to get, I managed to get the ring out of my wallet.”

Did either of them actually ever think they’d fulfill their particular husband or wife on a blind big date? You need to be fooling, Olivia claims. They failed to anticipate to get hitched complete end – James because his moms and dads’ divorce proceedings put him off the idea, and Olivia because she’d abadndoned finding some one. Today, James claims, he believes there’s something beautiful about a public announcement of really love. They discuss their unique programs for future years – the wedding after that summer, Blind Date infants to adhere to hopefully, though they probably won’t think of all of them when it comes to those conditions.

For Graham, he says the guy helps to keep considering back again to that tiny type they loaded in for the blind big date. “The terror I happened to be feeling before that first night…” the guy trails down, and starts once again. “But considering back once again to that first night, we got on so well, it generally does not surprise me personally whatsoever that individuals’re right here today.”

As he speaks, Stef walks outside of the changing area inside her bridal dress. His lips starts, cartoon-like, in marvel. She smiles at him. “you appear gorgeous,” he whispers. “would you get married myself?”

Whatever believed in those days: Blind big date 19 December 2009

Stef expressed Graham as ‘friendly, amusing, attractive’ if they came across during 2009

Stef on Graham

Initial thoughts?

Friendly, funny, attractive. And forgiving: I was late.

Just what do you discuss?

Music, comedy, food, poor dancing.

Any shameful moments?

Only when we were playing share – neither of us tend to be fantastic players.

Good dining table manners?

Impeccable, though it was actually hamburgers. The guy faced the greatest date obstacle well.

Ideal thing about him?

Really real and friendly.

Did you carry on somewhere?

No, but then we failed to leave till 2am.

Marks of 10?

9 (being an instructor, I can’t ever provide full markings).

Might you meet once again?

I’d like to, yeah.

Graham on Stef

Very first impressions?

Effectively beautiful and unforgivably late. But she had phoned.

What did you explore?

Music, cooking and why Abba are biggest pop music musical organization previously.

Any uncomfortable times?

Not really.

Good table manners?

I not witnessed a hamburger crammed into a face with these types of elegance and finesse.

Smartest thing about the girl?

Anybody who knows the schedule to Saturday-night Fever and is willing to strut their unique stuff results extremely beside me.

Did you carry on someplace?

Money machine, bus stop.

Marks off 10?

9. might have already been higher but we destroyed a video game of swimming pool.

Can you fulfill once more?

Yes, it’d end up being fantastic to do it again.

Whatever they thought in those days: Blind time 8 January 2011

Olivia and James last year. Pictures: Graham Turner; Graeme Robertson

Olivia on James

Initial impressions?

Intelligent, polite, friendly smile. I thought, “Great, I’ll be in great company today!”

Just what do you speak about?

Early dreams to be hired when you look at the arts, old cinemas and pubs, home ownership, Eddie Izzard’s principle on pet therapy, studying Harry Potter; plus sailing tales and exactly how Jaws has actually traumatised united states both forever. We’d a large number in accordance.

Any uncomfortable times?

We performed imagine it funny we happened to be so well attended by the restaurant team.

Good table ways?


Smartest thing about him?

He’s excited about his interests, and then he’s hilarious and a gentleman.

Do you carry on somewhere?

No, we were having such a very good time it had been closing time before we knew it.

Markings out of 10?

I can not consider whatever would lose him a place.

Might you meet again?

We exchanged figures, therefore we’ll see!

James on Olivia

1st impressions?

Strikingly pretty. I showed up early, but she was already there. She seemed great, therefore the cafe lighting made the scene appear like a

What did you discuss?

Cubism, Aperol, sailing, synaesthesia, Yorkshire, Venice, Harry Potter, race training, Glasgow, siblings, sleeper trains, bleak surroundings, basking sharks.

Any uncomfortable times?

Not that we recall.

Great table manners?


Most sensible thing about this lady?

We talked continuous – one of the most enjoyable conversations i have had.

Do you carry on somewhere?

No. We left after everybody else had gone and cafe began to shut at 12.30.

Marks away from 10?


Could you fulfill once again?

The audience is opting for beverages shortly.

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