HT03XL L11119-855 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 14-CE 14-CF 14-DF 15-CS 15-DA 15-DB 15-DW TPN-I130/I131/I132 L11421-422 HSTNN-LB8M 17-AR050WM 920046-121 421 541 Laptop Battery
- 47%

HT03XL L11119-855 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion 14-CE 14-CF 14-DF 15-CS 15-DA 15-DB 15-DW TPN-I130/I131/I132 L11421-422 HSTNN-LB8M 17-AR050WM 920046-121 421 541 Laptop Battery

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Easy to deal a variety of use environment




Install A New Battery:

1, You need to turn off your laptop and disconnect the power.

2, Disconnect the connection between the old battery and the motherboard to avoid unnecessary damage caused by disassembling the battery. Then unscrew the old battery screws one by one and carefully save each screw.

3, Remove the old battery, carefully install the new battery on the battery case, screw in the screw, and connect the wiring of the new battery.

Installing New Battery Frequently Asked Question Solution:

Q: Why my computer didn’t recognize this battery or I install this battery and it doesn’t seem to work?

A: The reason is residual power stored in the laptop components that was preventing the battery from working properly. Please disconnecting the old battery, and holding down the power button for 20 seconds, then connect the new battery. This drains the residual or flea power and once the laptop is reassembled the battery will function properly.

The following are troubleshooting methods:

1.Turn off the laptop.

2.Unplug AC power.

3.Remove the battery.

4.Replace AC power.

5.Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot.

6.Once logged in to the machine, perform a normal shut down.

7.Unplug AC power.

8.Replace battery.


Battery Maintenance Methods for Optimal Use

  • When you get the new battery, discharge the battery to 5% (not 0%), then charge to 95%, cycle 3-4 times to wake up the new battery.
  • The important point is to perform a full discharge and charge every other month to extend the battery life.
  • Do not connect adapter for a long time while using the battery. It may damage the battery.
  • Avoid artificial shocks, disassembly, crush or puncture. Do not dispose of it in fire or water.

Battery Maintenance Methods for Optimal Use

True Capacity The battery capacity are designed to meet the OEM’s specifications, stable and last long, provide stronger power for your laptop, not falsely labeled battery capacity.
Troubleshooting Methods Could be caused by battery loose. Please remove the battery and try to install more than once. May be due to conductive material damaged which the laptop motherboard and battery anode and cathode contact position, you can try to confirm it with your original battery. Check whether the battery drive is in normal condition, if not, download the corresponding driver software to update.
. Take out the battery and press the power button for about 15 seconds to consume the internal residual power (Do not connect the power cord) and then reinstall the battery. You can try several times.

Compatible part numbers

Compatible Part numbers: HSTNN-1B80 HSTNN-DB8R HSTNN-DB8S HSTNN-DB9D HSTNN-IB80 HSTNN-IB8O HSTNN-LB8M HT03041XL HT03XL L11119-855 L11119-856 L11119-857 L11421-1C1 L11421-1C2 L11421-271 L11421-2C1 L11421-2C2 L11421-2C3 L11421-2D1 L11421-2D2 L11421-421 L11421-422 L11421-542 920046-121 920046-421 920046-541 920070-855 920070-856 HSTNN-IB7Y HSTNN-LB7J HSTNN-LB7X HSTNN-UB7J TF03041XL TF03XL TPN-Q188 TPN-Q189 TPN-Q190 TPN-Q191 TPN-Q192 TPN-Q196 Fit Models: 240 G7 255 G7 245 G7 256 G7 470 G7 250 G7 340 G5 348 G5 Notebook 14-cf Notebook 14q-cs Notebook 15-da Notebook 15-cc Notebook 15-cd Notebook 15-ck Notebook 15q-ds Notebook 17-by Pavilion 14-ce Pavilion 14-cd Pavilion 14-cw Pavilion 14-cf Pavilion 15-cw Pavilion x360 14-dh Pavilion x360 15-dq Notebook 14-ck Notebook 14s-cf Notebook 15-db Notebook 15s-du Notebook 17-ca Pavilion 15-cs Pavilion 15t-cu Pavilion x360 14m-dh Pavilion x360 15t-dq Notebook 14-cm Notebook 14s-cr Notebook 15-dw Pavilion 14-BF000NE Pavilion 14-BF000NF Pavilion 14-BF000NG Pavilion 14-BF000NO Pavilion 14-BF000NP Pavilion 14-BF000NS Pavilion 14-BF000NT Pavilion 14-BF000UR Pavilion 14-BF001ND Pavilion 14-BF001NE Pavilion 14-BF001NF Pavilion 14-BF001NG Pavilion 14-BF001NP Pavilion 14-BF001TX Pavilion 14-BF002NA Pavilion 14-BF002NF Pavilion 14-BF002NP Pavilion 14-BF002NS Pavilion 14-BF002TX Pavilion 14-BF003NC Pavilion 14-BF003NF Pavilion 14-BF003NG Pavilion 14-BF003NS Pavilion 14-BF003NT Pavilion 14-BF003TX Pavilion 14-BF003UR Pavilion 14-BF004NA Pavilion 14-BF004NF Pavilion 14-BF004NG Pavilion 14-BF004NP Pavilion 14-BF004NS Pavilion 14-BF004NT Pavilion 14-BF004TU Pavilion 14-BF004TX Pavilion 14-BF004UR Pavilion 14-BF005NG Pavilion 14-BF005NL Pavilion 14-BF005NP Pavilion 14-BF005NS Pavilion 14-BF005TX Pavilion 14-BF005UR Pavilion 14-BF006NL Pavilion 14-BF006NS Pavilion 14-BF006TU Pavilion 14-BF006TX Pavilion 14-BF006UR Pavilion 14-BF007NA Pavilion 14-BF007NC Pavilion 14-BF007NS Pavilion 14-BF007TU Pavilion 14-BF007TX Pavilion 14-BF007UR Pavilion 14-BF008NA Pavilion 14-BF008NF Pavilion 14-BF008NP Pavilion 14-BF008NS Pavilion 14-BF008TU Pavilion 14-BF008TX Pavilion 14-BF008UR Pavilion 14-BF009NA Pavilion 14-BF009NF Pavilion 14-BF009NG Pavilion 14-BF009NS Pavilion 14-BF009TU Pavilion 14-BF009TX Pavilion 14-BF009UR Pavilion 14-BF010NA Pavilion 14-BF010NF Pavilion 14-BF010NS Pavilion 14-BF010NZ Pavilion 14-BF010TU Pavilion 14-BF010TX Pavilion 14-BF010UR Pavilion 14-BF011NG Pavilion 14-BF011NN Pavilion 14-BF011NS Pavilion 14-BF011TU Pavilion 14-BF011TX Pavilion 14-BF011UR Pavilion 14-BF012NA Pavilion 14-BF012NF Pavilion 14-BF012NG Pavilion 14-BF012TU Pavilion 14-BF012TX Pavilion 14-BF012UR Pavilion 14-BF013NF Pavilion 14-BF013NS Pavilion 14-BF013TU Pavilion 14-BF014NF Pavilion 14-BF014NS Pavilion 14-BF014TU Pavilion 14-BF015NA Pavilion 14-BF015ND Pavilion 14-BF015NS Pavilion 14-BF015TX Pavilion 14-BF016NA Pavilion 14-BF016ND Pavilion 14-BF016NF Pavilion 14-BF016TU Pavilion 14-BF017NA Pavilion 14-BF017NF Pavilion 14-BF017NS Pavilion 14-BF017TU Pavilion 14-BF017TX Pavilion 14-BF017UR Pavilion 14-BF018NA Pavilion 14-BF018NF Pavilion 14-BF018TU

Pavilion 14-BF018TX Pavilion 14-BF019NF Pavilion 14-BF019TU Pavilion 14-BF019TX Pavilion 14-BF019UR Pavilion 14-BF020NF Pavilion 14-BF020TX Pavilion 14-BF020UR Pavilion 14-BF021UR Pavilion 14-BF022NF Pavilion 14-BF022UR Pavilion 14-BF023TU Pavilion 14-BF023UR Pavilion 14-BF024TU Pavilion 14-BF024UR Pavilion 14-BF025UR Pavilion 14-BF026NF Pavilion 14-BF026TU Pavilion 14-BF027TX Pavilion 14-BF028UR Pavilion 14-BF029TX Pavilion 14-BF029UR Pavilion 14-BF030NG Pavilion 14-BF030TX Pavilion 14-BF031NG Pavilion 14-BF031TX Pavilion 14-BF031UR Pavilion 14-BF032NG Pavilion 14-BF032TX Pavilion 14-BF032UR Pavilion 14-BF033TU Pavilion 14-BF033TX Pavilion 14-BF033UR Pavilion 14-BF034TU Pavilion 14-BF034TX Pavilion 14-BF034UR Pavilion 14-BF035TU Pavilion 14-BF035TX Pavilion 14-BF036TU Pavilion 14-BF036TX Pavilion 14-BF036UR Pavilion 14-BF037TX Pavilion 14-BF038TX Pavilion 14-BF038UR Pavilion 14-BF039TX Pavilion 14-BF040NZ Pavilion 14-BF040TX Pavilion 14-BF040WM Pavilion 14-BF041TX Pavilion 14-BF042TX Pavilion 14-BF043TX Pavilion 14-BF044TX Pavilion 14-BF045TX Pavilion 14-BF046TX Pavilion 14-BF047TX Pavilion 14-BF048TX Pavilion 14-BF049TX Pavilion 14-BF050TX Pavilion 14-BF050WM Pavilion 14-BF052NA Pavilion 14-BF052TX Pavilion 14-BF053TX Pavilion 14-BF054NA Pavilion 14-BF054SA Pavilion 14-BF057TX Pavilion 14-BF058TX Pavilion 14-BF060TX Pavilion 14-BF061TX Pavilion 14-BF062TX Pavilion 14-BF063TX Pavilion 14-BF064TX Pavilion 14-BF065TX Pavilion 14-BF066TX Pavilion 14-BF067TX Pavilion 14-BF068TX Pavilion 14-BF069TX Pavilion 14-BF070TX Pavilion 14-BF071TX Pavilion 14-BF075TX Pavilion 14-BF076TX Pavilion 14-BF077TX Pavilion 14-BF080NO Pavilion 14-BF080TX Pavilion 14-BF081NO Pavilion 14-BF081TX Pavilion 14-BF082NO Pavilion 14-BF083NO Pavilion 14-BF083TX Pavilion 14-BF084NO Pavilion 14-BF084TX Pavilion 14-BF085NO Pavilion 14-BF085TX Pavilion 14-BF086NO Pavilion 14-BF086TX Pavilion 14-BF087NO Pavilion 14-BF088NO Pavilion 14-BF089NO Pavilion 14-BF090NO Pavilion 14-BF091NO Pavilion 14-BF100NC Pavilion 14-BF100NE Pavilion 14-BF100NJ Pavilion 14-BF100NP Pavilion 14-BF100NW Pavilion 14-BF100NX Pavilion 14-BF100TU Pavilion 14-BF100TX Pavilion 14-BF100UR Pavilion 14-BF101NC Pavilion 14-BF101NE Pavilion 14-BF101NF Pavilion 14-BF101NG Pavilion 14-BF101NL Pavilion 14-BF101NO Pavilion 14-BF101NP Pavilion 14-BF101NX Pavilion 14-BF101TU Pavilion 14-BF101TX Pavilion 14-BF101UR Pavilion 14-BF102NA Pavilion 14-BF102NE Pavilion 14-BF102NF Pavilion 14-BF102NG Pavilion 14-BF102NJ Pavilion 14-BF102NL Pavilion 14-BF102NX Pavilion 14-BF102TU Pavilion 14-BF102TX Pavilion 14-BF102UR Pavilion 14-BF103NA Pavilion 14-BF103NE Pavilion 14-BF103NF Pavilion 14-BF103NG Pavilion 14-BF103NL Pavilion 14-BF103NO Pavilion 14-BF103NX Pavilion 14-BF103TU Pavilion 14-BF103TX Pavilion 14-BF103UR Pavilion 14-BF104NE Pavilion 14-BF104NG Pavilion 14-BF104NI Pavilion 14-BF104NP Pavilion 14-BF104NS Pavilion 14-BF104TU Pavilion 14-BF104TX Pavilion 14-BF104UR Pavilion 14-BF105NE Pavilion 14-BF105NF Pavilion 14-BF105NS Pavilion 14-BF105TX Pavilion 14-BF105UR Pavilion 14-BF106NE Pavilion 14-BF106NF Pavilion 14-BF106NG Pavilion 14-BF106NS Pavilion 14-BF106UR Pavilion 14-BF107NE Pavilion 14-BF107NG Pavilion 14-BF107NL Pavilion 14-BF107NS Pavilion 14-BF107TU Pavilion 14-BF107UR Pavilion 14-BF108CA Pavilion 14-BF108NE Pavilion 14-BF108NF Pavilion 14-BF108NG Pavilion 14-BF108NS Pavilion 14-BF108TU Pavilion 14-BF108TX Pavilion 14-BF109NE Pavilion 14-BF109NS Pavilion 14-BF109TX Pavilion 14-BF110NF Pavilion 14-BF110NS Pavilion 14-BF110TX Pavilion 14-BF111NS Pavilion 14-BF111TX Pavilion 14-BF112ND Pavilion 14-BF112NS Pavilion 14-BF112TU Pavilion 14-BF112TX Pavilion 14-BF113ND Pavilion 14-BF113TU Pavilion 14-BF113TX Pavilion 14-BF114NG Pavilion 14-BF114TU Pavilion 14-BF114TX Pavilion 14-BF115ND Pavilion 14-BF115NS Pavilion 14-BF115TU Pavilion 14-BF115TX Pavilion 14-BF116NS Pavilion 14-BF116TU Pavilion 14-BF116TX Pavilion 14-BF117TU Pavilion 14-BF117TX Pavilion 14-BF118NS Pavilion 14-BF118TU Pavilion 14-BF118TX Pavilion 14-BF119TU Pavilion 14-BF119TX Pavilion 14-BF120TU Pavilion 14-BF120TX Pavilion 14-BF121TX Pavilion 14-BF122TX Pavilion 14-BF123TX Pavilion 14-BF123UR Pavilion 14-BF124TX Pavilion 14-BF125TX Pavilion 14-BF126TX Pavilion 14-BF127TX Pavilion 14-BF128TX Pavilion 14-BF129TXPavilion 14-BF130NG Pavilion 14-BF130TX Pavilion 14-BF131NG Pavilion 14-BF131TX Pavilion 14-BF132TX Pavilion 14-BF133TX Pavilion 14-BF134TX Pavilion 14-BF135TX Pavilion 14-BF136TX Pavilion 14-BF137TX Pavilion 14-BF138TX Pavilion 14-BF139TX Pavilion 14-BF140TXPavilion 14-BK002NF Pavilion 14-BK002NIA Pavilion 14-BK002NJ Pavilion 14-BK002NK Pavilion 14-BK002NT Pavilion 14-BK002NX Pavilion 14-BK003NC Pavilion 14-BK003NF Pavilion 14-BK003NIA Pavilion 14-BK003NJ Pavilion 14-BK003NK Pavilion 14-BK003NL Pavilion 14-BK003NS

Pavilion 15-CS0127NB Pavilion 15-CS0128NB Pavilion 15-CS0129NB Pavilion 15-CS0150ND Pavilion 15-CS0150NG Pavilion 15-CS0151NG Pavilion 15-CS0152NG Pavilion 15-CS0153NG Pavilion 15-CS0160ND Pavilion 15-CS0170ND Pavilion 15-CS0201NG Pavilion 15-CS0202NG Pavilion 15-CS0203NG Pavilion 15-CS0204NG Pavilion 15-CS0205NG Pavilion 15-CS0206NG Pavilion 15-CS0207NG Pavilion 15-CS0208NG Pavilion 15-CS0209NG Pavilion 15-CS0300NG Pavilion 15-CS0301NG Pavilion 15-CS0400ND Pavilion 15-CS0400NG Pavilion 15-CS0400NZ Pavilion 15-CS0401NG Pavilion 15-CS0402NG Pavilion 15-CS0403NG Pavilion 15-CS0404NG Pavilion 15-CS0440ND Pavilion 15-CS0500NZ Pavilion 15-CS0511NA Pavilion 15-CS0511SA Pavilion 15-CS0600NG Pavilion 15-CS0600NZ Pavilion 15-CS0601NG Pavilion 15-CS0649ND Pavilion 15-CS0700NG Pavilion 15-CS0701NG Pavilion 15-CS0752ND Pavilion 15-CS0800NO Pavilion 15-CS0800NZ Pavilion 15-CS0803NO Pavilion 15-CS0806NO Pavilion 15-CS0809NO Pavilion 15-CS0812NO Pavilion 15-CS0813NO Pavilion 15-CS0814NO Pavilion 15-CS0815NO Pavilion 15-CS0852ND Pavilion 15-CS0853ND Pavilion 15-CS0854ND Pavilion 15-CS0901NG Pavilion 15-CS0902NG Pavilion 15-CS0904NG Pavilion 15-CS0906NZ Pavilion 15-CS0925ND Pavilion 15-CS0952ND Pavilion 15-CS0960ND Pavilion 15-CS0972ND Pavilion 15-CS0975ND Pavilion 15-CS0994NIA Pavilion 15-CS0995NIA Pavilion 15-CS0996NIA Pavilion 15-CS0996NZ Pavilion 15-CS0997NA Pavilion 15-CS0998NA Pavilion 15-CS0998NIA Pavilion 15-CS0999NA Pavilion 15-CS0999NF Pavilion 15-CS0999NIA Pavilion 15-CU0000TU Pavilion 15-CU0000TX Pavilion 15-CU0001TX Pavilion 15-CU0002TX Pavilion 15-CU0003TX Pavilion 15-CU0005TU Pavilion 15-CU0006TU Pavilion 15-CU0008TX Pavilion 15-CU0009TX Pavilion 15-CU0010NR Pavilion 15-CU0010TX Pavilion 15-CU0011TX Pavilion 15-CU0013TX Pavilion 15-CU0016TX Pavilion 15-CU0017TX Pavilion 15-CU0058NR Pavilion 15-CU0071NR Pavilion 15-CW0000AX Pavilion 15-CW0000NO Pavilion 15-CW0000NW Pavilion 15-CW0000UR Pavilion 15-CW0001AU Pavilion 15-CW0001NG Pavilion 15-CW0001NS Pavilion 15-CW0001UR Pavilion 15-CW0002NF Pavilion 15-CW0002NG Pavilion 15-CW0002NO Pavilion 15-CW0002UR Pavilion 15-CW0003NG Pavilion 15-CW0003NO Pavilion 15-CW0003UR Pavilion 15-CW0004CY Pavilion 15-CW0004NA Pavilion 15-CW0004NF Pavilion 15-CW0004NM Pavilion 15-CW0004NO Pavilion 15-CW0004UR Pavilion 15-CW0005AU Pavilion 15-CW0005AX Pavilion 15-CW0005NC Pavilion 15-CW0005NF Pavilion 15-CW0005NM Pavilion 15-CW0005NO Pavilion 15-CW0005UR Pavilion 15-CW0006NF Pavilion 15-CW0006NL Pavilion 15-CW0006NM Pavilion 15-CW0006NO Pavilion 15-CW0006NP Pavilion 15-CW0006NQ Pavilion 15-CW0006UR Pavilion 15-CW0007CA Pavilion 15-CW0007NC Pavilion 15-CW0007NF Pavilion 15-CW0007NM Pavilion 15-CW0007NO Pavilion 15-CW0007NQ Pavilion 15-CW0007UR Pavilion 15-CW0008NA Pavilion 15-CW0008NF Pavilion 15-CW0008NO Pavilion 15-CW0008NP Pavilion 15-CW0008UR Pavilion 15-CW0009NC Pavilion 15-CW0009NP Pavilion 15-CW0009UR Pavilion 15-CW0010AU Pavilion 15-CW0010NP Pavilion 15-CW0010NQ Pavilion 15-CW0011UR Pavilion 15-CW0012NP Pavilion 15-CW0013AU Pavilion 15-CW0013NC Pavilion 15-CW0013NQ Pavilion 15-CW0013NV Pavilion 15-CW0013UR Pavilion 15-CW0014AU Pavilion 15-CW0014NC Pavilion 15-CW0015AU Pavilion 15-CW0015NQ Pavilion 15-CW0015NV Pavilion 15-CW0015UR Pavilion 15-CW0016AU Pavilion 15-CW0016NV Pavilion 15-CW0017AU Pavilion 15-CW0017CA Pavilion 15-CW0017NV Pavilion 15-CW0017UR Pavilion 15-CW0018NV Pavilion 15-CW0018UR Pavilion 15-CW0019UR Pavilion 15-CW0020AU Pavilion 15-CW0020NB Pavilion 15-CW0020UR Pavilion 15-CW0021AX Pavilion 15-CW0021UR Pavilion 15-CW0022AX Pavilion 15-CW0022UR Pavilion 15-CW0023AX Pavilion 15-CW0023UR Pavilion 15-CW0024AU Pavilion 15-CW0024UR Pavilion 15-CW0025AU Pavilion 15-CW0025UR Pavilion 15-CW0026UR Pavilion 15-CW0027CA Pavilion 15-CW0028UR Pavilion 15-CW0029UR Pavilion 15-CW0030UR Pavilion 15-CW0031UR Pavilion 15-CW0032UR Pavilion 15-CW0033UR Pavilion 15-CW0034UR Pavilion 15-CW0061NR Pavilion 15-CW0062NR Pavilion 15-CW0064CL Pavilion 15-CW0075NR Pavilion 15-CW0088NR Pavilion 15-CW0096NB Pavilion 15-CW0144NB Pavilion 15-CW0145NB Pavilion 15-CW0146NB Pavilion 15-CW0500ND Pavilion 15-CW0505NA Pavilion 15-CW0505SA Pavilion 15-CW0509NA Pavilion 15-CW0509SA Pavilion 15-CW0597NA Pavilion 15-CW0597SA Pavilion 15-CW0598NA Pavilion 15-CW0598SA Pavilion 15-CW0799NO Pavilion 15-CW0804NO Pavilion 15-CW0808NO Pavilion 15-CW0985NA Pavilion 15-CW0986NA Pavilion 15-CW0987NA Pavilion 15-CW0988NA Pavilion 15-CW0989NA Pavilion 15-CW0990NA Pavilion 15-CW0991NA Pavilion 15-CW0992NA Pavilion 15-CW0993NA Pavilion 15-CW0994NA Pavilion 15-CW0995NA Pavilion 15-CW0996NA Pavilion 15-CW0997NA Pavilion 15-CW0998NA Pavilion 15-CW0999NA Pavilion 15-CW0999NO

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